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Here at Escape Room Ashburn we pride ourselves on delivering immersive and exciting activities for your friends, family, and co-workers to enjoy

Sherlock Holmes Escape Room
Sherlock Holmes

Difficulty: 8/10

Bank Heist room escape
Bank Heistt

Difficulty: 6/10

Escape Room near me Virginia
Jail Break

Difficulty: 9/10

Corporate Events Virginia

Corporate Events


On-site multi-
room packages

Come, enjoy, relax in our multi-room escape room facility with your team. With four different rooms to choose from we are able to accommodate up to 30 people in a single hour


Portable Escape Room

Our portable escape room is the perfect corporate party add-on! Our 'Secret Agent' game is designed for 1-2 players to prevent a looming disaster with only a few minutes to spare...Perfect for any size group!

Number of Players: 20+
mobile escape room to you

Off-site Custom
Escape Room Package

Enjoy a customized escape room game to fit the theme you'd like to celebrate.You and your team will come in to work or what seems to be a normal work day until they arrive in an immersive experience for all to enjoy. Each game is customized and includes live actors.

Number of Players: 30+

An escape room is a themed environment where you and your friends must work together to complete the objectives through solving puzzles before time runs out. Most missions will lock you in while some of our missions do not.

Click on the Book Now Button whenever you're ready!

Up to an hour!

Make sure the group size and code matches the values on the gift certificate.

15 minutes with waivers already signed.

We do allow younger players, however, if the majority of the group is 13 years of age or younger, we will require a paying adult 18 years of age or older to be in the room. Please know if an adult is not present, the group will be rescheduled so an adult can be in attendance.

We clean after each event and our game play is private.

Masks are optional.